GreenTech is established

Clement Hung, a visionary entrepreneur, understands Romania's problems regarding waste management. To address this serious problem, together with a group of dedicated people and investors, alongside Constantin Damov, they establish GreenTech – the company dedicated to the recycling of PET waste.

The first 2 PET recycling lines

Loyal to its commitment to restore, protect and improve the quality of life through waste transformation, GreenTech installs the first 2 PET recycling lines in the Buzau plant.

The first PET strap line

The first PET strap line is installed and starts a new business based on recycled PET. The PET flakes are processed for the first time to produce a valuable, finite product: the PET strap.

The automatic sorting line increases product quality

The bottles recycling capacity is upgraded with a modern technological equipment: the automatic sorting line. The production flow is improved and the product quality reaches the highest standards.

The first rPET production line

Due to the implementation of the highest standards in PET waste processing and quality control, GreenTech makes an important step forward and installs the first rPET production line.

The PET waste processing capacity is increased

The PET waste processing capacity of the GreenTech plant is increased to 80,000 tones/year.

Performant tech leads to productivity

The use of performant technologies helps GreenTech achieve the maximum recycling efficiency and standard for the finished products.

  • PET waste processing capacity increases to 100,000 tons/year
  • Recycled PET strap production increases to 7,000 tons/year
  • A 2nd production line for PET strap is installed
GreenTech Slovakia start

GreenTech expands in the region to cover the demand for extra PET waste recycling facilities: GreenTech Slovakia opens with a PET waste processing capacity of 29,000 tons/year

GreenTech Baltic start

GreenTech expands in Eastern Europe, with a new PET waste recycling plant: GreenTech Baltic opens in Lithuania, with an installed capacity of 15,000 tons of PET flakes/year.

Remarkable results for the region

GreenTech Slovakia and GreenTech Lithuania sum up a production of 44,000 tons of PET flakes/year, due to the new and performant processing equipment.